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New iMac and Mac Mini are coming soon, cryptic tweet suggests

A new iMac and Mac Mini are on the way, a noted leaker has suggested in a recent tweet. The CoinX Twitter account posted a cryptic tweet simply reading “iMac/Mac mini,” followed by a “Soon” emoji — while the tweet was light on detail, there are reasons to believe its veracity.

According to MacRumors, CoinX has a reliable track record when it comes to Apple leaks, sharing information regarding the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR names before they were common knowledge, as well as the “Pro” name for the latest iPhone models. It has also leaked accurate details about the 10.2-inch iPad and 10.5-inch iPad Air, suggesting it has well-placed sources somewhere in the Apple supply chain.

Other than the suggestion that a new iMac and Mac Mini could be on the horizon, few details have been shared about either device. However, as we said in our review of the latest iMac, its design is looking rather long in the tooth these days, so a redesign would be welcome. It may even come with a new Magic Keyboard sporting a Touch Bar.

As for the Mac Mini, Apple last updated it in October 2018, which was the first time the tiny computer had been updated in four years. As such, we wouldn’t expect another major update so soon; if the CoinX leak is correct, it’s likely to be a small spec bump to the Mac Mini rather than anything groundbreaking.

This leak adds to what already looks like a bumper year for upcoming Apple products. The company is said to be preparing an event for March 31 where a treasure trove of products could be announced, including an iPhone SE 2, a new MacBook Pro 13, a revamped iPad Pro, Tile-like AirTags trackers, and more.

Adding to that is a recent report from well-regarded Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested a range of Apple products kitted out with Mini LED displays are coming later in the year, including a refreshed MacBook Pro 16 and all-new 14.1-inch MacBook Pro. Even if the iMac and Mac Mini don’t make an appearance, it seems there’s plenty for Apple fans to look forward to in 2020.

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