New Voodoo Omen Desktops Tap Core 2 Power

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Boutique computer maker VoodooPC isn’t wasting any time jumping on the Core 2 bandwagon, announcing new additions to its flagship Omen line of desktop systems sporting Core 2 Extreme processors, super-quiet operation, and high-end graphics configurations…albeit at prices which may make all but the most devoted gamers or media professionals blink. Or maybe blink twice.

Voodoo makes several editions of the Omen—including AMD Athlon-powered units with quad SLI graphics—the new Core 2 Extreme models feature Intel Core 2 Extreme CPUs running at 2.93 GHz on a 1066 MHz front-side buss, 80 GB 7200 RPM internal hard disks, 16x Pioneer dual-layer DVD+/-RW drives, 2 GB of RAM, Windows XP professional, and graphics options ranging from the ATI Radeon X1900TX Crossfire with 512 MB of video RAM (enabling WQXGA resolutions) to the Nvidia GeForce 7900 GT. Like the rest of the Omen line, the Omen.i:121 Extreme uses specially designed airflow for optimum cooling and very quiet operation—and the units are fully modular and upgradable, offering four internal drive bays, 2 optical drive bays, and even a swappable power supply. And let us not forget the numerous case-color and finish options, along with the transparent side panels showing dramatically-lit "veins" of its internal components.

Of course, as with any high-end, cutting-edge system using just-shipped technology, pricing also borders on the extreme with base configurations starting at $4,400 and $6,000 for the water-cooled edition with Crossfire—but, generally, customers have already made up their mind whether they’re going to buy one before they look at the price tag. And the elegant-looking but unnavigable Web site just makes the experience that much cooler, yes?