Nvidia 6600 Previews

Quote from the preview at The Tech Report:

“WHEN NVIDIA LAUNCHED its GeForce 6800 series graphics processors back in April, company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang emphasized that the GeForce 6 architecture was highly scalable and would soon power a top-to-bottom line of graphics products. As is often the case with new graphics architectures, GeForce 6 was launched at the top with the NV40 GPU and GeForce 6800 series graphics cards. These cards now retail for between $300 and $500, depending on whether you’re looking at a vanilla, GT, or Ultra card.

Although hard-core gamers and performance-oriented enthusiasts might not blink at dropping $300 or more on a graphics card, mainstream markets generally prefer something a little cheaper. Heck, there are plenty of cash-strapped gamers and enthusiasts looking for a deal in the $200 range, too.

To extend its GeForce 6 technology down to mid-range markets and more affordable price points, NVIDIA is now introducing the GeForce 6600 series. Based on an eight-pipe implementation of GeForce 6 technology, flavors of the 6600 will arrive at $149 and $199 price points. Sound tantalizing? Read on for more. “

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Quote from the preview at Hexus:

“”Back when NVIDIA launched their first NV40 products, back in April, they assured us that NV4x designs would be prevalent from the budget end of the market, to the highest of high-end boards, by Christmas. Today sees the first part of that being fulfilled. The current NV4x product lineup is all NV40, with three designs – 6800, 6800 GT and 6800 Ultra – sitting in the £200-£400 range, qualifying themselves as enthusiast products based on current pricing, just above the mid-range. That changes today with the release of a the 6600 product series, initially only on PCI Express, based on NV43.””

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Quote from the preview at PC Perspective:

“The price points on the cards currently show the 6600 going for $149 and the 6600 GT at $199. These are the bread and butter price ranges that NVIDIA is in desperate need of a product line to fill, and it looks like the 6600 series is going to do that well. The current quoted clock rate for the GT is 500 MHz core clock and 500 MHz DDR (1.0 GHz) memory speed. No word yet on the standard 6600 speeds. “

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