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Leaks suggest Nvidia has 1080Ti and a new Titan in the works

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Nvidia has impressed many a reviewer with its GTX 1080 card, demonstrating strong performance at a reasonable price point — in context of previous high-end cards, at least. The new card can outperform the old Titan X, which typically sells for more than $1,000.

However, as you might expect, the 1080 card doesn’t look likely to be the firm’s top-of-the-line product. Some possibly leaked specifications are telling us that there could be a 1080Ti waiting in the wings, along with its big brother, a new 10 series Titan.

While this remains a rumor, as Nvidia hasn’t made any official announcements as of yet, the existence of a 1080Ti and Titan card from this latest generation wouldn’t be all that surprising. Still, that doesn’t make the ChipHell specifications leak any less exciting.

If they turn out to be accurate, they paint a picture that would suggest the 10 series of Nvidia GPUs could be monstrously powerful across the board. On top of the big gains made this generation by the big die shrink down to 14nm, the 1080Ti could be much more powerful than its non-Ti cousin.

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The 1080Ti is said to sport 3,456 CUDA cores, 35 percent more than the 1080. It also has an extra 56 texture mapping units (TMU) and a third more render output units (ROP). Clock speeds are reduced by around 100MHz each on the core and memory front, but that will help keep temperatures down — and can always be adjusted after purchase with a little overclock.


It also increases the memory from 8GB to 12GB, the new GDDR5X standard.

The TDP does make a jump to 250w, a big increase over the impressively power-efficient 1080, but perhaps surprisingly the Titan is said to sport the same power draw.

That is despite the fact that its CUDA cores number 3,840, with 240TMUs and a massive 24GB of GDDR5X memory. The rest of its specs, including the 384bit memory interface are the same as the 1080Ti.

Of course very few people will buy cards like these due to their inherent (if so-far unannounced) cost and availability, but the GTX 1080 will likely be a popular buy if Chiphell’s specs hold true. It has a much reduced CUDA core count and its TMU and ROPs take a hit too, but its clock speeds are still high and it packs 6GB of GDDR5 memory.

This should make it a competitively priced card that could help go after AMD’s lower-priced new-gen Polaris cards.

We will need to wait and see how accurate these leaked specifications are, but if they bear out, the latest Nvidia generation is going to give AMD some real difficulties.

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