NZXT’s $100 Doko vows to stream anything and everything from a PC to your living room TV

The idea of weaving together conventional PC and TV content is an old one, and while streaming devices are about to become as common as hack attacks against US governmental agencies, certain limitations and restrictions continue to prevent the concept from achieving perfection.

Razer’s recently unveiled Forge TV is perhaps the best streaming concept around, but it’s a games-first gadget, and on paper, it looks a little too ambitious for its own good. Meanwhile, the NZXT Doko is the complete opposite, keeping things refreshingly simple.

Too simple? In a way, yes, as hardcore PC gamers should probably seek a living room, clutter-free sidekick elsewhere. Framerate and general response times aren’t great, according to Trusted Reviews, and NZXT doesn’t claim otherwise, merely promising 1080p video playing at 30 frames per second with latency of no more than 80 milliseconds.

That’s likely enough for casual titles with not-very-demanding graphics, but it certainly doesn’t ensure a silky smooth, no-stutter Far Cry 4 experience. Again though, Doko’s claim to fame isn’t high-end performance.

Instead, it’s ease of use, quick setup and full support for everything your PC can handle. Yes, everything. Browser games, Origin, Steam, Ubisoft titles, single-players, multiplayers, music, movies, email services, everything.

No proprietary software or hardware needed either. Just hook up the tiny box to your TV, use the Ethernet port for network connectivity, pair your PC to the Doko, and you’re ready to go. Wi-Fi support isn’t offered, for fear of hurting the mirroring experience and speed, and aside from HDMI, a generous quartet of USB 3.0 connectors are accommodated on the streamer’s seemingly restricted footprint.

The design is minimalistic and features no standout elements, which is ideal for a device that doesn’t call attention to itself, but rather facilitates the desktop-TV interaction and puts the spotlight on the latter. Priced at $99.99, it can be pre-ordered already via the NZXT Armory Store.