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Cancel your weekend plans: Oculus Fall Sale discounts some of its best titles

oculus vr fall sale crystalrift
Now that the dust has settled on the Steam summer sale and our wallets are starting to refill slowly, Oculus VR is hoping to tempt us back to the virtual gaming table with a sale of its own. The big Fall Sale runs for the next few days and has made some of the platform’s most beloved games much, much cheaper.

Do you have a Rift and still don’t own Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes? If so, you can pick it up at a third of the price it was just a few days ago. Chronos has also been heavily discounted and you can pick up Defence Grid 2, VR Edition for 50 percent less.

Other notable names include Radial-G Racing Revolved, Project Cars, AirMech Command, and Dark Days, all of which are available at a discounted rate for the next few days. Immersive first-person narrative game The Assembly is also discounted — no doubt that will prove to be one of the more popular purchases during this sale.

But it’s not just Oculus Rift users who can benefit from this new sale. If you own a Gear VR, there are also games like Nervout, Anshar Wars 2, Star Chart, Drift, Hidden Temple, and Faceted Flight, all of which have prices cut by as much as 66 percent in some cases.

The Oculus VR Fall Sale will run until September 20, so you have the coming weekend to make your choices if you so wish.

Are there any particular titles in there that you guys like the look of? We can personally vouch for the immersion and beauty of games like Project Cars and Chronos, though we do hear very good things about The Assembly as well.

With the new addition of achievements in games though, it may be worth going back over some of the ones you’ve completed to really challenge yourself.

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