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OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 patch will fix Wi-Fi glitches; probably… maybe… hopefully

OS X Yosemite
While we wouldn’t go so far as to call Yosemite the buggiest build in OS X history (at least, not yet), Apple has rarely encountered such tricky software predicaments as the highly publicized Wi-Fi bug caused by its newest OS.

These were made worse when Yosemite’s first public update failed to put a stop to complaints. True, some OS X 10.10.1 users reported hearty connectivity improvements. For a lucky few, Wi-Fi stability woes disappeared altogether.

But others took to support forums in the past couple of weeks to stress nothing changed, and their network connections continued to be unstable, unreliable or outright inoperative. Fortunately, Cupertino’s developers and engineers aren’t looking to sweep the dirt under the carpet, and keep working diligently to quash each and every bug.

A second patch, numbered 10.10.2, is likely weeks, maybe days away from a wide-scale rollout, currently going out to community helpers and testers as a beta. A second beta, version 14C78c, has one big focus area: Wi-Fi.

That’s clearly good news, and hopefully, there won’t be need of a third beta before Yosemite 10.10.2 can make its way to everyone’s Macs. Mind you, the first dev firmware was pushed to adventurous users two whole weeks ago, so don’t panic if further movement on the software update front lingers. Chances are this time Apple’s going the extra mile to cover all its bases.

While it’s far too early to jump to conclusions, we already have one satisfied 10.10.2 test driver willing to share his (cautious) excitement with the world. Florian Innocente says he’s “seeing some improvements with the new OS X 10.10.2 beta that just shipped.” Namely, he’s yet to encounter a Wi-Fi crash on his just-upgraded iMac after around two hours of use. Shh, don’t voice your enthusiasm yet. You don’t want to jinx it now, do you?

Editor’s Note: Mac users in our office haven’t had Wi-Fi issues, either, but maybe we’re just lucky

Before doing something rash, remember Apple doesn’t recommend running pre-release builds on computers containing sensitive, unbacked data. Still keen on trying out the experimental 10.10.2 patch? Pull it from the dev portal at your own risk.

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