20 shots of Apple’s new OS X Yosemite that show it solving real problems

During the WWDC 14 keynote address, Apple introduced OS Yosemite, which is the company’s newest version of their desktop operating system. During the reveal, Cupertino introduced several new features that will be debuting with the new OS once it’s released sometime this fall. They include the ability to receive and make phone calls using your Mac computer, the option to craft notes using your finger and the MacBook’s track pad, greater integration with iCloud, visual enhancements, and much more.

Though Apple announced it is launching a beta program, which will allow the public to test drive OS X Yosemite sometime this summer months before it is released, at this point, we can only stare. Feel free to scroll through this gallery of images, which feature the enhancements and improvements that will arrive once OS X Yosemite is launched a few months from now.