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Panasonic wireless KX-HGW600 Network Camera Management System

Panasonic wireless KX-HGW600 Network Camera Management System

The new Panasonic KX-HGW600 Network Camera Management System with Concourse Home Gateway(TM) Router addresses the demands of home users and small businesses for shared broadband Internet access, Internet security, and shared resources among multiple computers, without complicated connections or expensive re-wiring of homes or workplaces.

Users can create a home or small office Local Area Network (LAN) by seamlessly linking computers to each other and to enabled peripherals, like printers and scanners, via an Ethernet network. Up to 128 devices can be linked. The KX-HGW600 offers a wireless access point with 128-bit WEP encryption protocol for security and a range of up to 1575 feet (outdoors), depending upon conditions.

The Panasonic wireless KX-HGW600 Network Camera Management System with Concourse Home Gateway(TM) Router is now available and has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $499.95.

“Demand for wireless, interoperable LAN products is rapidly escalating,” said Mike Timar, National Product Manager, Panasonic Communication and Home Office Electronics Division. “We’re a society that wants to stay connected, even as we become more and more mobile. The KX-HGW600 offers a flexible networking solution that offers easy, wireless networking of PCs, laptops or other 802.11b-compatible devices.”

The KX-HGW600 functions as a hub, with four fast Ethernet LAN ports (10/100 BaseT Switch), and features wireless networking capability with an integrated wireless access point, so users can peruse the Internet without cables or wires. An optional 11 Mbps 802.11b wireless LAN PC card (PCMCIA Type II PC interface) and 11 Mbps 802.11b wireless LAN USB adaptor are available.

Used with one or more Panasonic network cameras, the KX-HGW600 also functions as the command center for a monitoring system. Panasonic markets a line of indoor and outdoor-use network cameras, including new wireless models, to allow users to keep an eye on the exteriors as well as interiors of their homes or workplaces from virtually anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

The KX-HGW600 automatically configures the cameras, and can create a custom portal page to display thumbnail views of all connected cameras on one screen. The thumbnails function as links to the actual camera control page. Users can download a free firmware upgrade, available soon through Panasonic’s IP web site, that will allow the camera images to be recorded on SD Memory Cards.

Additional features include: NAT/IP Masquerade firewall security, IP-Sec Pass-Thru, PPTP support, PPPoE, port forwarding, DMZ, Syslog, static and dynamic routing, host name setting, domain name setting, and easy installation software.

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