Watch us play ‘Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire’ at 3 p.m Pacific

Guild Wars 2, the MMO from, launched its second major expansion, Path of Fire, on September 22. It includes a major expansion to the game’s zones, and new campaign story, new mastery points for end-game character progression and, for the first time in the game’s history, mounts.

Mounts might seem like old news, given that almost every MMO has them, but had very specific goals when it implemented them in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. There are several different types of mounts, and each of them have a different, unique set of abilities.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Come check out our livestream of the game at 3 p.m. Pacific, 6 p.m. Eastern. We’ll be looking into the new expansion, as well as talking about how it stacks up to other major, recent MMO expansions, such as Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Legion, and Final Fantasy 14.

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