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Microsoft launches Project Westminster to fast-track app conversion to Windows 10

One of the big changes coming to the Windows 10 operating system is a much greater focus on the Windows store. While some were concerned that this would create somewhat of a gated community of approved applications, that seems less likely with the launch of Project Westminster, which allows for the simple conversion of Web apps and games to Windows 10.

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Announced earlier this year, Westminster is now live and already helping developers convert their projects to the new Windows standard. They can even do so using existing code and workflow, and debug any potential issues with the Microsoft Edge F12 developer tools.

However, this goes beyond just making an app available on Windows 10, as Westminster also makes apps work well on a variety of different devices, including mobile platforms, laptops, tablets, and consoles. On top of that, it allows for the simple integration of features like Cortana voice commands and analytics, letting developers track in-depth information about their users and how they use the application.

There’s even talk toward the end of that video of Westminster helping developers make their applications work well on its HoloLens device. While that won’t be something that many will consider doing just yet, it’s likely to become more popular when the devices are released commercially, likely sometime in 2016.

One concern some have suggested over at WinBeta, is that the ease with which Microsoft is making it possible to bring applications to Windows 10, it will mean a lot of developers simply wrap their site in a management layer and publish it on the store, rather than making functional changes to the system. Essentially, they worry that making the bar for entry low will mean a lot of lower-quality applications will be available on Windows 10.

Do you think that will be the case with Project Westminster?

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