Samsung Ships World’s Fastest DVD Burner

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Samsung has announced it is shipping what it’s calling the “world’s fastest” DVD burner in the form it its Super-WriteMaster SH-S203N internal PC DVD Burner. The SH-203N is a 20× SATA DVD burner which claims 16× dual-layer DVD recording—a bump up from the 10-12× speeds found in most dual-layer drives—and support for all formats of DVD/CD discs, including DVD-RAM. The drive also sports LightScribe technology, so users can apply some of that time they save burning DVD media to etching cool designed on the media itself.

“Samsung’s new SH-S203N is an all-in-one powerhouse that provides not only the fastest recording speeds on the market, but also built-in labeling technology that saves time and expense over the life of the drive,” said Richard Aguilera, western regional sales manager for Samsung’s Storage Division, in a statement.

In addition to 16× dual-layer recording, the SH-203N supports 20× DVD±R recording 12× DVD-RAM and DVD-R dual layer recording, 8× DVD+RW recording, and 6× DVD-RW recording. The SATA interface means users don’t have to fiddle with master/slave jumpers when installing the drive, and the drive features all the technology normally in Samsung’s WriteMaster drives, including speed adjustment technology, tilt activator compensation, power control, and automatic ball balancing.

The SH-203N should be available from retailers now for about $79.99