Seiki to leap into the desktop PC monitor market with 28-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch 4K displays

seiki reveals 28 inch 32 40 4k pc monitors 2015 release date

Seiki isn’t known for making desktop PC monitors, but they’re set on making their presence felt in this market, as the company just announced a trio of 4K displays. One measures 28 inches, one is 32 inches, and the other is a whopping 40 inches in size.

Aside from sporting massive 3840×2160 display resolutions, these three Seiki monitors will features a picture in picture mode. You’ll also be able to to daisy chain multiple displays together.

Port selection on each monitor will include HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.3, MHL 3.0, DVI, and VGA as well. These 4K Seiki monitors will also include three USB 3.0 ports. One will be an upstream port, and the other two will be of the downstream variety. It’s worth nothing that aside from USB, it’s unclear how many of the other ports will be on each monitor.

Both the 28 and 32-inch displays are surrounded by black bezels, and are propped up by stands whose bases consist of a silver finish. The 28-inch 4K Seiki display’s stand takes on a trapezium-like appearance, while the base of the 32-inch model is rectangular, but wears a similar paint job. Seiki hasn’t released any images of the 40 inch unit.

Seiki hasn’t released any precise pricing or release date information for these 4K monitors, but they should hit the market sometime during the first quarter of 2015. In our conversations with a Seiki rep, we were told that pricing on these monitors will be “extremely competitive.”

Considering that this the same company that released a $700 39-inch 4K TV in the middle of 2013, and a $1,500 55-inch 4K TV towards the end of 2013, we wouldn’t expect anything less.