Sony Online Entertainment reactivates MMO servers, forums

SOESony ended weeks of downtime for its PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services last night with the release of a security-enhancing patch following last month’s hacker intrusion that exposed the personal data of 77 million users. Service was also restored for Sony Online Entertainment subscribers, who have been without access since the beginning of May after it was learned that the April intrusion extended to SOE.

As with PSN, the update requires those with SOE accounts for games like DC Universe Online to change their passwords. The restoration of services includes “the return of nearly all of SOE’s portfolio of online games, the reinstatement of SOE’s game forums and websites,” according to an official press release.

The release then restates the same explanations we’ve been seeing, that “several outside respected security firms” were engaged to investigate the intrusion and work out a new set of security measures, enhancements were made to existing technologies, testing processes have been refined and so on. The real takeaway here for most: you are once again free to run around and fight crime in virtual re-creations of Metropolis and Gotham City.