Super Talent Claims Thinnest 256 GB SSD

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San Jose-base storage developer Super Talent has announced it is now shipping the world’s thinnest 256 GB 2.5-inch SSD drive. The FSD56GC25H drive uses a standard SATA-1 interface and is designed as a drop-in replacement for standard 2.5-inch hard drives; however, the dri ve measures 12.5 mm thick, more than the standard 9.5 mm most 2.5-inch drive bays are designed to accomodate. Super Talent says is 40 percent thinner than other 256 GB SSDs on the market.

"We designed this drive for applications that need rugged and reliable storage in a very compact form factor," said Super Talent marketing director Joe James, in a statement. "This product underscores our leadership in high density SSDs and demonstrates the technical capabilities of our Silicon Valley engineering team."

The drive claims a 0.1ms access time and a maximum throughput of 65 MB/s for reads and 50 MB/s for writes. The drive can withstand up to 1600 Gs of shock and 16 Gs of vibration, and offers ECC support to correct for bit bits and improve the drive’s reliability.

Super Talent hasn’t published prices for the drive, but given how much an 80 GB SSD drive jacks up the prices of typical notebook computers…we’re willing to bet "inexpensive" isn’t an adjective consumers will associate with it.