SuperTalent Intros SSDs for Notebooks

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Super Talent has announced its new MasterDrive series of flash-based solid-state drives (SSDS) for notebook computers. The 2.5-inch drives feature an SATA-II interface and are designed to be completely interchangeable with standard notebook hard drives—except that they’re lighter, use less power, and are much more durable.

“These new SSDs are a rugged, lightning fast, low power storage alternative for mobile professionals and enthusiasts,” said Super Talent marketing director joe James. “With such overwhelming benefits, MasterDrive SSDs are sure to revolutionize mobile storage.”

Super Talent is rolling out two series of MasterDrive notebook SSDs: the MX series are available in 30, 60, and 120 GB capacities and feature 120 MB/s read speeds and 40 MB/s write speeds, while the DX series are only available in 30 and 60 Gb configurations, but feature 120 MB/s read speeds and 70 MB/s write speeds. The MX series are priced at $299, $449, and $699, respectively, while the DX series go for $699 and $1,299 respectively—so that extra write speed is pricey.

The drives are available now from NewEgg and eWiz.