Watch these teens react to an introductory video about the Internet from the 1990s

teens react introductory video internet 1990s

Remember dial-up Internet speeds? What about the dreaded sound that your modem would make when connecting to the Internet? Now, think about how today’s kids would react to those experiences. Do you want to feel old? Keep reading, we dare you.

TheFineBros, which is a YouTube channel that puts out a variety of reaction videos and other clips, published a video to YouTube entitled “Teens React to 90s Internet.” In this clip, a bunch of today’s youngsters are place in front of an educational clip that aims to inform the viewer about the Internet.

Off the bat, the kids react to how the computers and the people look in the video look “old.” As you might expect, the clip makes references to things that either are no longer prominent or even exist, like Netscape Navigator. It even attempts to explain downloading, which every kid today knows like the back of their hand. As one of the pups in the video explained, today’s teens were born into the Internet, so all the stuff that was touched on in the tutorial video is pretty much like second nature to them.

When delving into the magical world of email, the video suggests a couple of services that viewers could use; Mailzone, and Juno. While both continue to exist in some form, they both disappeared into obscurity years ago. Feeling old yet?

Can’t you just smell the cheese in this video from a mile away? Feel free to get a big whiff of it by checking out the clip below, courtesy of YouTube.

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