This $300 Farming Simulator controller is no joke

this 300 farming simulator controller is no joke 1

Only slightly more niche-oriented than a video game dedicated entirely to agricultural development, that luxury Farming Simulator controller you’ve always wanted is finally becoming a reality. Created by Saitek, a subsidiary of Mad Catz Interactive, The Tech Report has reported that what was once but a pipe dream is soon going to retail at $300, with pre-orders available now.

Saitek, known previously for their efforts in developing advanced flight and space simulator peripherals, announced its intention to release a proprietary Farming Simulator controller last December. Today, however, it was revealed that the peculiar, virtual seed-harvesting instrument will be arriving this fall. The controller ships complete with a turning knob attached  to the steering wheel, which itself features an alarmingly realistic 900 degrees of rotation.

When outside of the vehicle, players can even make use of a Mini-stick attached to the wheel in order to command character movement. The peripherals also introduce, for the first time in the series’ history, physical buttons to control the in-game PDA. The side-panel, which is available to purchase on its own, comes stacked with a loader stick and over 20 programmable buttons. And, as expected, the inclusion of a gas and brake pedal will encourage enthusiasts of both farms and simulators to regulate their speed as they indulge the fantasy of cultivating vast pastures.

Saitek’s Farming Simulator hardware will be compatible exclusively with Farming Simulator 15 on Mac and PC. The company’s online store lists three different packages: $150 for just the steering wheel and pedal — or for the side panel alone — and the aforementioned $300 package that generously bundles everything. Aspiring agriculturalists can look forward to seeing a premiere demonstration of the Saitek Farming Simulator peripherals next week at the E3 gaming expo in L.A., according to Polygon.