Tumblr improves security with addition of two-factor authentication

Along with other services such as those provided by Google, MSN, and Dropbox, Tumblr also now offers two-factor authentication, introducing another layer of security and thereby reducing the chances of a hacker accessing user accounts.

The company announced the new feature Monday, and while account holders can choose whether or not they want to make use of it, Tumblr obviously strongly recommends that you do.

“Your account is far less likely to get compromised if you’ve enabled two-factor authentication,” the site says on a webpage explaining how to set it up.

Two-factor authentication can take various forms, but essentially it means providing two pieces of information instead of the usual one (a password) to prove you’re the owner of the account you’re trying to access.

To set up the extra layer of security for your Tumblr account, check out the following instructions:

1. Visit your account settings.

2. Click the ‘Enable’ checkbox.

3. Enter your mobile phone number.

4. Now decide whether you’d like to receive the code via text or through an authenticator app such as Google’s free Android or iOS Authenticator app. It’s recommended to use both methods in case you need to use one as a backup.

5. Hit your settings page to find out how to set up the system for any Tumblr app you’re using.

Once you’re done, future logins will require you to enter your password together with the unique six-digit code.

Tumblr adds that once you’ve enabled two-factor authentication, you’ll be required to generate a special one-time-use password (via your account settings page) to login through your mobile apps. “Don’t worry about memorizing that password, by the way. You’ll only need it once, and it’s really stupid-looking anyway,” the company explained on its website.

So, if you like the idea of making it harder for hackers to break into your Tumblr account, you know what to do….

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