Worried about breaking your Surface Book? This case can survive a 4-foot drop

urban armor gear surface book case surfacebookcase 2

Microsoft’s Surface Book is a versatile, beautiful machine, but like most laptops, it suffers from a critical flaw: When you drop it, it breaks. No longer! Urban Armor Gear’s new Surface Book case will protect your precious 2-in-1 from incidental damage.

Specifically, the armor shell has impact resistant bumpers. This, along with a dual-lock screen closure, means the Surface Book case meets military drop-test standards. Those involve a number of drops from around 30 inches, but Urban Armor Gear takes it a step further.

The California-based brand has been working on smartphone and device cases for quite some time, and has its own set of rigorous standards for its cases. The device has to sustain a series of 26 drops, from 48 inches, and sustain zero damage. If the device survives and functions properly, without a broken touchscreen, then it meets Urban Armor Gear, and the Military’s standards.

Like the Surface Book, Urban Armor Gear’s case is versatile enough to protect the system in both laptop and clipboard mode. The specially designed case also allows for full access to all ports, and cooling vents for passive heat dissipation. There’s even a Surface Pen holder, for those who like to write on the go. Just because you need it tough doesn’t mean you should have to compromise, right?

Urban Armor Gear doesn’t think so. The case doesn’t bulk up to create extra padding, though, and maintains the slim look and feel of Microsoft’s latest. It’s even available in a transparent color to show off the attractive exterior.

We’ve reached out to Urban Armor Gear, and plan to put the case — and our Surface Book — through its paces. In the meantime, you can pick up the shock-proof Surface Book case on the Urban Armor Gear site for $80. It might seem a little silly, but it could save your expensive laptop from an untimely demise.