Hold onto your hat: Verizon tests 10Gbps fiber Internet system

Verizon is currently testing fiber Internet that hits 10Gbps of download speed, with the potential for speeds to reach as fast as 80Gbps. The new technology, which it calls next-generation passive optical network (NG-PON2), is set to be available at some point in the future. As for upload speeds, Verizon claims its new fiber technology that uses an optical line terminal (OLT) could allow for speeds of up to 2.5Gbps, which is over twice as fast as the down speed of Google Fiber.

The new system that Verizon is testing can handle both the new NG-PON2 and GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) signals, offering a greater level of flexibility than other fiber networks. It offers four different wavelengths in total, which also allows Verizon to switch wavelengths if one has an issue, which could allow it to keep its network up and running in the event of technical difficulties.

Comcast currently offers 2Gbps down Internet for $300 a month, and Google offers Fiber with 1Gbps down for $70 per month. Of course, Verizon didn’t say anything about pricing for its upcoming fiber Internet, but currently the company charges $59.99 for its 150Mbps Internet and $259.99 for its 500Mbps option, so unless there’s some adjustment, the price of this new fiber option is likely to be quite expensive.

The company said that it expects business customers to want this service first, which makes sense as the price is going to be quite high. However, it said that it expects that “to change as the adoption of 4K video content and the explosion of the Internet of Things, with an estimated 25 billion Internet-connected devices expected by 2020, will create demand for higher symmetrical speeds and lower latency for consumers as well.” Verizon said it will issue a request for proposals later this year, which means we probably won’t see this rolled out in earnest for some time.

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