Webpage leak suggests extensions are coming to Windows Edge

microsoft edge
It looks like the Microsoft Edge browser is set to soon get to use extensions, following a webpage discovery by a Twitter user that was asking Windows Insiders to begin testing them. While obviously a placeholder due to its lack of mention of a particular Windows 10 build, it does suggest that it won’t be long before Edge can support the function-enhancing extensions.

Discovered by Twitter user H0x0d (via Winbeta), the page is clearly not ready for the general public yet and doesn’t give us much in the way of a time frame for the release of the preview build that will make extensions possible, but presumably it’s not too far away.

Although said page has now been pulled by Microsoft, before it was downed some screenshots were grabbed to give us an idea of what it was showing. Specifically, it made two extensions available for download: one for Pinterest and one for the Reddit Enhancement Suite. However without the new build of Edge that makes it possible to run them, they’re largely redundant.

With the page gone though, you wouldn’t be able to download them any more, but @h0x0d was kind enough to provide a couple of Mega.co.nz mirrors:

Download: Edge Extensions: Pin It Button https://t.co/KafxSxaPmm Reddit Enhancement Suite https://t.co/s5oMrZm8AU

— WalkingCat (@h0x0d) December 10, 2015

Although we don’t exactly know when these will be officially supported, Microsoft has long been expected to make another big release before the end of the year, so it could be that everyone who is using Edge now will be able to enjoy the expanded functions of extensions before long.

Do you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer sequel, Edge? If so, what do you like about it over more established browsing competitors like Chrome and Firefox?

And if you use one of those latter browsers, would the addition of extensions make you more likely to jump ship to the Windows 10-backed browser?

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