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Patch Tuesday brought a way to reserve a spot in the Creators Update rollout

Windows 10 Creators Update
Aaron Cassara/Digital Trends
Microsoft is eagerly anticipated Creators Update for Windows 10 is coming soon, and the company is now providing customers with a chance to grab a reserved spot in the rollout. To find out how, users simply head into the Settings app and click on the Windows Update option. If the latest patches are installed, users will see a message about Creators Update.

Keep in mind that as of this publication, Creators Update isn’t immediately available to install. Instead, the company provides a “Yes, show me how” link leading to a web page thanking the user for taking an interest in Creators Update. When the upgrade will actually be made available is unknown, but it isn’t slated to be finalized until the end of March, so don’t expect a notification anytime soon.

“We’re finalizing the update and will be ready to share it with you soon,” Microsoft states. “When the update is ready for your device, you’ll receive a notification asking you to review your privacy settings before downloading the update.”

Windows 10 Creators Update will likely arrive sometime during April. This release is significant in that it brings Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform (formerly known as Windows Holographic) to the masses. It will enable virtual reality and augmented reality experiences through the use of third-party mixed reality headsets. Microsoft is essentially pushing the desktop to be more of an interactive experience.

Of course, interested customers can choose to jump into the Windows Insiders club to get an early taste of what’s to come in Windows 10. Members began receiving Creators Update bits late last year, such as immediate access to the Paint 3D Preview app that moves beyond the flat 2D creation tools found in the original Paint program. Users can create and/or incorporate 3D objects into their scene, and upload/download 3D objects from Microsoft’s dedicated online portal.

Creators Update also beefs up the PC gaming experience on Windows 10. A new Gaming section will be added to the Settings app for modifying the Game Bar, GameDVR, and Broadcasting features. It will also sport a new Game Mode setting that supposedly turns off unnecessary services in the background to boost performance. Some of the supported PC games include Battlefield 3, Paragon, Rocket League, The Elder Scrolls Online, The Sims 4, and more.

Microsoft’s new Creators Update ploy in the Settings app may be the company’s way of seating eager customers in the front lines when the update finally begins to roll out next month. Microsoft’s Anniversary Update officially went live on August 2, 2016, but many customers didn’t see the upgrade until November. Thus, the new Settings teaser may be a way of getting users who actually want the update immediately to reserve their spot in the initial wave.

There’s definitely lots to be excited about in Creators Update. Microsoft may make an even bolder push in the coming weeks using notifications and other means to get customers excited enough to reserve their spot in the rollout.

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