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Microsoft to hold its next ‘bug bash’ on November 8-13 to help disinfect Windows 10

Windows Insider
Microsoft’s Windows Insider program isn’t just meant to be a way for fans to get their hands on the latest version of Windows 10 before anyone else. There’s a also quid pro quo involved — Insiders get early access, but they’re expected to provide feedback to Microsoft on how well everything is working out.

For the most part, that seems to be working out for Microsoft, with millions of feedback messages provided over the life of the Windows Insider program as of 2016. To help things along, however, Microsoft periodically hosts specific events aimed at identifying issues, and the firm has another of these “bug bashes” coming up soon, as WinBeta reports.

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The news came via the blog post that accompanied the latest Windows 10 Insider build. The bug bash starts on Tuesday, November 8, and finishes on Sunday, November 13. You’ll need to be a little patient, as Microsoft will be providing more details soon.

The last bug bash, held in June, was a resounding success, coming as it did just a few short weeks before Microsoft released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update on July 29. Bug bashes typically involve Microsoft handing out new assignments, or Quests, via the Windows 10 Feedback Hub that can be time-limited and more technical than the typical tasks that Windows Insiders perform.

The purpose of the bug bashes is to direct the most active Windows Insiders along certain paths, to identify specific bugs that have cropped up in Windows 10. Microsoft, therefore, gets targeted feedback to go along with the more random feedback received during general Windows 10 usage.

If you’re a Windows Insider and want to participate in the next bug bash, then you’ll want to watch out for the details to be provided by Microsoft’s Insider team. Once the bug bash starts, you’ll need to fire up your Feedback Hub app on your Windows 10 machines, and look for the bug bash Quests. If you’re diligent, you might just help Microsoft make Windows 10 into a better platform.

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