Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10532 with improved context menus and more

windows 10 insider build 10532 home laptop
Greg Mombert/Digital Trends
The Insider Preview for Windows 10 has remained in full force since the official launch, and Microsoft is rolling out another new build to the Fast Ring. This build, called 10532, adds a couple of small tweaks, and is not quite as substantial as the previous builds, but it does make some pretty cool changes, one of which users in the program have specifically asked for.

The first change comes to the context menu. Now it has a more consistent look with the modern style appearing elsewhere in the OS. Previously, right-clicking in certain areas would cause an older looking menu to pop out, and while not exactly deal-breaking, it did look quite out-of-place with the style of the rest of the operating system. More than anything, it’s good to see that Microsoft heeded the complaints of Insiders and actually did something about it.

The other change is less substantial, and it comes in the form of how users leave feedback for the Insider builds. Now, the Feedback app has a share button that lets users publicly leave feedback on Facebook and Twitter. This could come in handy for anyone who has a change that they’d like to see other people rally around in hopes that Microsoft takes notice and implements it into a future build. The Feedback app is universal, so this change will come to mobile devices as well.

There are no other major changes listed by Microsoft, but there are likely smaller tweaks such as bug fixes and other small updates in this build. Previous Insider updates haven’t spelled out every small tweak and fix, so that seems to be the system Microsoft is using for these updates.

As we’ve seen Microsoft pushing updates out the Fast Ring quite quickly, we expect to see more coming soon. Users interested in getting in on the action can do so via Settings on their PC, then Update & Security, then Advanced Options. In there, there’s an option labeled “Get Insider Builds.”

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