Windows Store 2.0: Windows 8.1 will feature fixes to messy store interface


It’s no secret that Microsoft fumbled the Windows Store pretty hard. If you want an in-depth look at just how bad the user experience really is, just take a look at  our previous story on why the Windows 8 Store is a complete mess. Microsoft has been in hot water for some time now for the lack of a user friendly interface for Windows 8, but recent developments could help turn things around for the fledgling operating system.

Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows is reporting that Microsoft is currently working on Windows Store 2.0, an upgrade that will be released in the upcoming Windows 8.1 release. The current state of the Windows Store is pretty gnarly, with a never-ending, horizontally-aligned panoramic view that stretches off into nothingness. The upgrade promises to change all of that, showcasing a new front page that features specialized categories that will make searching for apps and programs much easier. These categories include Popular Now, Picks for You, Special Offers, Top Paid, Top Free, and New Releases.


Exploring categories within the original Windows Store was also an aggravating experience. Opening each section unveiled an endless array of smushed-together icons and hard to read titles. The new interface is much easier to read and explore, with large tiles that are spaced out evenly and neatly. You also get a small description of the app below the heading, giving you a little bit of insight without having to enter the application’s page fully.


You’ll still have access to the Home and Your Apps buttons, as you do in the current version of Windows Store, but the upgrade adds a nifty Your Account button and a specialized section that will allow you to travel to any specific content section within the store. The new Windows Store 2.0 will also update your applications automatically. We expect to see this new upgrade announced next week at Build with the impending Windows 8.1 OS .

Photos via Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows