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Russ Boswell

Russ Boswell

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Russ Boswell is an aspiring video game and technology journalist from Colorado. He's been an avid gamer since he was old enough to hold a controller (and has a Bachelor's of Science in Video Game Art and Design), and fell in love with technology and computing when he opened and disassembled his first PC. You can find him revolving around anything tech, keeping up on the latest trends, and seeking out interesting indie projects. When not involved in the tech world, which is rarely, Russ is usually immersed in music, movies, television, and general pop culture.

Samsung bringing Ativ Book 9 Plus, super-thin $700 Ativ Tab 3 to U.S. in the coming weeks

Samsung officially announced the Ativ 9 Book Plus and Ativ Tab 3 will be available to buy in the U.S. later this fall for $1,400 and $700, respectively.
videocard header graphics card pc computer

Under $130: Five graphics cards for the recreational gamer on a budget

If you're a recreational gamer on a budget, then this list is for you. Here are five graphics controllers that should give you a decent bang for you buck.
Chromecast vs. Apple TV

Apple TV vs. Chromecast: Which belongs in your home theater?

Google unveiled it's new Chromecast streaming device. But how does the small dongle, which sells for only $35, stack up against the established Apple TV.
stolen macbook pro spawns tumblr of shame screen

Best Buy cuts MacBook Pro price by $200, is a revamp imminent?

With all the recent price cuts from Best Buy on the MacBook Pro, and the addition of incentives from Apple itself, is a refresh imminent?
tiny 3d printed battery harvard as full cell

Mini marvels: How your laptop may one day be powered by a tiny 3D-printed battery

3D-printed projects are popping up like crazy, but a 3D-printed battery the size of a grain of sand that could potentially power a laptop takes the cake.

Razer Blade vs. MacBook Air 13-inch (2013): Spec showdown

The Razer Blade and MacBook Air may be built with specific audiences in mind, but they actually share a lot of the same features – not including price.
Steve Ballmer Microsoft

Take it easy on those price cuts, Microsoft. You’re starting to look desperate

Microsoft has unveiled a ton of different promotional sales and incentives lately for its Windows Surface line of tablets. Is this a bad sign?
haswell pcs you can buy now acer aspire m5 583 win8wp

How swell! 8 Haswell PCs you can get your hands on right now

Intel unveiled its 4th-gen "Haswel" processor last month, and it's already popping up in a variety of new PCs. Here's eight you can get right now.

Actions for iPad app creates touchscreen experience for PC or Mac

Thinking of buying a touchscreen laptop but just don't have the cash? With the Actions for iPad app, you can turn your Mac or PC into a touch-based machine.

Artist’s Mac Pro glass case concept looks slick, but is it practical?

3D artist Martin Hajek created an impressive glass-covered 3D rendering of Apple's new Mac Pro, but is the case really a practical idea?

Inventor of the computer mouse, Douglas Engelbart, dies at age 88

The pioneer of the computer mouse, Douglas Engelbart, died Tuesday at the age of 88. Engebart was responsible for the creation of the PC mouse.

Boston University files patent suit against Apple, wants to ban iPhone, MacBook sales

Apple's being sued for patent infringement by Boston University for a patent it filed in 1997, claiming the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook use the patent's tech.

Asus PQ321 31.5-inch 4K monitor available for pre-order for the low, low price of $3,500

Asus released its highly anticipated ultra-HD 4K resolution Asus PQ321 monitor to the general public. The device is now available for pre-order for $3,500.

Apple’s 2013 Back to School promo offers $100 App Store gift card to tech-hungry students

Apple's known for offering students and teachers educational discounts, and its 2013 Back to School promo provides gift cards to the App Store.

Flytecam action cam aims to challenge GoPro for rugged-camera supremacy

Flytecam is attempting to take on the popular GoPro with its version of a ruggedized, waterproof, mountable "adventure-camera."

Microsoft’s Windows Store reaches 100,000 apps, still trying to catch up with competition

Microsoft announced its Windows Store has reached the 100,000 app milestone. But, the company still has a long way to go to catch up to Apple and Google.

Pioneer unveils heads-up, augmented reality display for use in vehicles

Pioneer has unveiled a brand new augmented reality system for use in automobiles. The system uses virtual reality to "overlay" video onto the road.

New discovery could significantly boost Internet speeds

US-based researchers have discovered a way to include optical vortices in fiber-optic lines. This development could drastically increase internet speeds.
windows 8 1 everything you need to know internet explorer 11

Here are the big changes in Internet Explorer 11

The newest version of Microsoft's browser, Internet Explorer 11, should release with Windows 8.1 in the near future. Here are some new features to expect.

Apple attempting to patent combination SD/USB port for MacBook

Apple submitted a patent for what it calls a "Combined Input Port." This proposed design plans to mesh together a USB dock and an SD slot into one port.

Microsoft premieres new panorama feature for Windows 8.1’s updated camera app

Microsoft has unveiled an update to its photo application that will come packaged with Windows 8.1. The new "panorama" mode lets you take panorama photos.

Windows 8.1 preview now available to general public

Windows 8.1 preview edition has finally been released to the public. Steve Ballmer made the announcement at this year's Microsoft Build conference.

Thalmic Labs giving away MYO armbands through #ifihadMYO campaign

Thalmic Labs is taking a page from Google's book and offering up free MYO armbands to winners of a Web contest its holding called #ifihadMYO.

Acer partners with Zynga, Pokki to offer specialized ‘game arcade’ on new PCs

Acer crafted a partnership with Pokki Games and Zynga in order to bring a specialized application store called the Acer Arcade pre-loaded with new PCs.
apple patent showcases proposed dual sided trackpad for macbook transparent

Apple granted patent proposing dual-sided trackpad for MacBook

Apple managed to secure a new patent that displays a dual-sided trackpad for use on its MacBook line of devices. The panel can be touched from both sides.

Gartner: PC shipments to slip 10 percent as tablets see 68 percent boost in 2013

Gartner posted information regarding the current state of PCs and tablets, showing a decline in traditional PC shipments and an increase in tablets.

Microsoft investing $678M into massive ‘Project Mountain’ data center in Iowa

Microsoft's attempting to beef up its cloud services by pumping almost $700 million into its "Project Mountain” data center" in West Des Moines, Iowa.

At last! Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 11S convertible laptop now available

Lenovo is finally shipping its anticipated Yoga 11S convertible laptop/tablet hybrid to pre-purchasers and store shelves.

Lenovo unveils slim ‘Miix’ tablet, new touch-enabled IdeaPad laptops starting at $430

Lenovo unveiled a new, slim tablet yesterday, called the Miix, as well as an update with touch and Haswell to some of its IdeaPad U- and S-series laptops.
now you can google which movies will be a hit

‘Google Mine:’ List all your belongings and share your hoarding habits on Google+

Google will soon be unveiling a brand new Google+ integrated service called "Google Mine." The service allows you to share items you own and want.

Adobe releases subscription-based Creative Cloud to a design-hungry public

Adobe has finally released the Creative Cloud. And although there's been scrutiny about its pricing plan and subscription design, it packs a lot of content

Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 Lite and Plus laptops have pixels to spare, ATIV One 5 Style AIO targets families

Samsung revealed three new additions to its ATIV PC lineup at its premier event in London. We got a glimpse at the ATIV Book 9 Lite and Plus and a new AIO.

Samsung’s insanely high-res ATIV Q notebook-tablet hybrid laughs at mere 1080p

Samsung rolled out its brand new ATIV Q notebook-tablet hybrid at this year's premier event in London, England.

Wi-Fi Alliance finally kicks off IEEE 802.11ac certification program

The Wifi Alliance has finally begun the lengthy process to create a certification program for routers, adapters, and products supporting 802.11ac wireless.