Microsoft premieres new panorama feature for Windows 8.1’s updated camera app

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Microsoft just unveiled a brand new panorama feature for the newly updated photo application in Windows 8.1,  according to TechCrunch. This update appears to only be available on the Windows 8.1 Preview operating system (desktops, notebooks, certain tablets, etc) and we are unsure at this time if it will be available for use on Windows Phones when the final release hits the market.

The new feature appears to be simple to use and fairly self-explanatory when you get into it. The panorama view actually operates much like other panorama applications, including Microsoft’s own PhotoSynth, which is available for the iPhone. You simply tap the “panorama button” and begin rotating your camera or device. The app takes care of landscape recognition and clipping new photos end-to-end all on its own, presenting  you with a smooth, complete, and seamless panoramic view when you’re done.

TechCrunch notes that the application saves these photographs in a .pano format, and that the finished product could not yet be opened on a non-Windows 8.1 Preview device. This could change when the release is finalized. Hopefully, we’ll also see a variety of “normal” format options when the real version of Windows 8.1 launches in the near future.