Apple attempting to patent combination SD/USB port for MacBook


Just a few days ago, Apple was granted a patent for a dual-sided trackpad, which is intended to replace the traditional mouse on the company’s MacBook line of devices and feature some innovative technology. Another interesting MacBook-based patent application is currently seeking review, however. According to CNET, the Apple submitted a patent application named “Combined Input Port.” This proposed port appears to be a combination of both an SD slot and a USB dock, with technology that would allow both of these connectors to exist within the same port.

If this patent is approved, and the design works, it could save a lot of space when crafting a new MacBook. The prospect of combining these two types of ports poses some challenges, but Apple seems very serious about making its creation work, and the technical specifications within the patent application suggests that the company found a way to ensure that this port functions as intended.

If the USB/SD slot yields a usable blueprint, there’s also the possibility of other pairings. We may see USB/Thunderbolt combinations in the future as well. If that’s the case, Apple products may become even thinner as the company finds ways to combine all of its real estate-consuming ports into one cohesive space-saving design

Photo via CNET