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Windows 10 may be getting ‘cards’ in Action Center, Cortana via Redstone update

windows cards cortana why the hell wouldn t you upgrade to 10
While we’re just one day away from Microsoft’s Build conference, the latest rumor to appear regarding the upcoming Redstone release of Windows 10 centers on interactive cards coming to the Action Center and Cortana. Static information will supposedly be ripped out for a new Card UI that will display and share information between Cortana and the Action Center, according to Winbeta.

The new cards should offer a cleaner presentation than the static displays currently in use by the two services. Cortana and the Action Center will reportedly share a common set of actions that are accessible in multiple ways. As a result. the Action Center and Cortana will have the ability to communicate with other through these cards and provide a more personalized experience to the user.

Both first- and third-party applications will reportedly have access to this new Card UI feature for presenting information and actions. The report provides an example, saying that the Calendar app would have the ability to pin birthday reminder cards to the Action Center. Individual cards for meetings could also be pinned to the Action Center, giving the user a visual indication of what meeting occurs when, and if any of them clash with another scheduled appointment.

The report goes on to quote unnamed sources that claim Microsoft is experimenting with filters in the Action Center. This would allow the end user to choose what notifications can be seen in the Action Center. Notifications could also be displayed under app types, permitting them to be better organized. A good example would be Facebook: all related notifications would be placed underneath one specific header. Thus the user could potentially filter the Action Center to display social app notifications only.

The latest rumor stems from leaked internal concept art, thus the final design of the Card UI could change or not become a part of Windows 10 at all. The image obtained for the report shows one card representing Foursquare, which displays several restaurants and their review scores. Another card is from the Calendar app that shows a meeting taking place at a specified time. Another card actually looks like a chat window.

Last week brought rumors that the Windows 10 Redstone release would bring a new interface for apps called RadialController. This would allow the user to essentially grab a pen stylus and dial up or down the volume, or quickly change a tune, in a multimedia app. Another feature called InkToolbar is planned as well, and this would allow users with a stylus pen to natively take notes and draw within third-party apps. Audio Routing is also slated for Windows 10 Mobile Redstone, pushing the audio through the device’s speaker or through a Bluetooth device when making a call.

The Redstone update itself is slated to take place in two waves: Redstone 1 (RS1) in June and Redstone 2 (RS2) in the first quarter of 2017. RS1 is expected to be revealed during the Build conference starting tomorrow, with a build of this release going out to developers so that they can create apps and Edge extensions in time for the June launch. RS2 is expected to contain the features that didn’t make it into RS1, and that launched alongside new branded devices that take advantage of RS2’s features.

That all said, we’ll be attending the Build conference, so expect to hear more about the Redstone releases beginning Wednesday.

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