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Windows 10’s update screen will soon tell you if your PC supports Windows 11

Microsoft is making it easier to help you determine if you can run the Windows 11 operating system on your existing PC.  Soon, Windows Update in Windows 10 will show a notification prompt about your system’s compatibility with the next-generation operating system.

Spotted by Windows Latest, the newest Windows 10 Insider preview build now has some in-app messaging about Windows 11 in Windows Update. This build is a preview of the incoming Windows 10 21H2 Update, so the feature is just in beta for now. Presumably, this messaging will be more permanent and will roll out to everyone later this year once the 21H2 update is finalized this fall.

Messaging about Windows 11 in Windows Update.

As seen above, the messaging mentions that an example PC can run Windows 11, as it meets the minimum requirements. It also has a link to check the device specifications and learn more about Windows 11. Microsoft even goes as far as to mention in the message that some Windows 10 features aren’t available in Windows 11.

Windows 11’s minimum requirements have been quite controversial, and this messaging should make it easier for folks to decide if they can run and update to the new operating system. Previously, the only way to check compatibility with Windows 11 was via the PC Health Check app. Microsoft initially took the tool offline, but brought it back last week after making changes. Now the tool can better explain why a PC can’t run Windows 11, with links to supporting articles on how to address those concerns.

As a reminder, Windows 11 still requires TPM 2.0, as well as Secure Boot and an Intel eighth-generation or AMD Ryzen 2000 or newer processor. Microsoft recently amended the list to include Intel seventh-generation processors, mainly to include the Surface Studio 2.

Microsoft still argues that Windows 11’s minimum system requirements have a lot to do with security, reliability, and compatibility. If your PC isn’t eligible for Windows 11, then Microsoft believes that Windows 10 is “the right choice.” Windows 10 will be supported through October 2025 and will live alongside Windows 11.

This new messaging in Windows Update should help more Windows users become aware of the new operating system, much like Microsoft alerted Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users about Windows 10 with the “get Windows 10” app.

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