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Wix uses ChatGPT to help you quickly build an entire website

Wix is an oft-recommended online service that lets you knock together a website without any coding knowledge.

Now the Israel-based company has announced a new AI Site Generator that aims to make the process even smoother and more intuitive, and less time-consuming, too.

The update utilizes ChatGPT, the popular generative AI chatbot that burst onto the scene in November and continues to cause a stir.

Through a text-based discussion with the advanced chat tool, Wix will understand precisely the kind of website you’re looking to build and respond accordingly with an original design, text, and images. The AI Site Generator tool can handle multiple pages, too, and also build in e-commerce features already offered by Wix.

The company shared a video (below) showing how the new feature works.

Coming Soon: Wix’s AI Site Generator Brings the Next Generation of Web Creation

“What makes it groundbreaking is that it is not a template,” Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami said in a blog post on Monday. “In fact, it’s a unique website designed and tailor-made for you, according to your needs, generated with AI and advanced algorithms.”

Abrahami said the design and layout “are completely fitted to the site’s content,” rather than the content fitting a template.

If you want to perform light edits or something more substantial, you can simply continue your conversation with the chatbot to make those changes.

The feature even helps you find the ideal name for your brand by generating unique, catchy, and relevant domain names to choose from.

And for those already with a Wix-powered site, the new AI tool can be used to enhance your pages via a conversation with ChatGPT.

But there could be drawbacks to getting AI to build your website. For example, ChatGPT and other generative AI chatbots are known to “hallucinate” on occasion, a phenomenon whereby it spits out erroneous information presented as fact, usually when it doesn’t know the answer to something. In that sense, the site builder will still need to carefully check some types of content to ensure that it’s correct.

While Wix already incorporates a number of AI tools, the AI Site Generator, which it says will launch soon, brings everything together and is its biggest dive into the technology to date.

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