XLC Chimera gaming PC from iBuyPower already has a lot of fans

xlc chimera gaming pc from ibuypower already has a lot of fans xlcchimeraWhile the lion’s share of the gaming market is focused on console and portable experiences, the hardest of the hardcore understand that the very best platform for true high-end gaming is and always has been the personal computer. Picking out the right gaming PC isn’t just about what you’re going to play. Pre-configured systems are custom-built, and typically feature a range of flourishes to make them stand out. The latest on the market comes from iBuyPower, in the form of the super-cool, super-cooled XLC Chimera.

iBuyPower’s XLC line boasts “Extreme Liquid Cooling.” Proper temperature control is essential for any high-end PC gaming rig, but the Chimera definitely elevates things to the next level. Beneath the stylized flame-painted chassis you’ll find a 240mm liquid cooling radiator containing two 120mm fans plus a lone 200mm fan and an additional five 120mm standalone fans. Eight fans in all. No word on whether it can double as an air conditioner.

The full specs can be found on iBuyPower’s website, but your base-model XLC Chimera costs $1,599 and comes packing an Intel i7-870 processor, 8GB of RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560Ti video card and a 1.5TB hard drive. There’s also a considerably upgraded model that costs $4,499, offering a beefed up i7-980X, linked GeForce GTX 470s, 12GB of RAM and 2TB hard drive along with an 80GB RAID array (a pair of equal-sized hard drives linked to create redundant backups of your content).

As always, it is cheaper to simply buy a tower (or convert an older one– just make sure it’s big) and fill it with parts yourself. Some knowhow is required, but the savings can be considerable when you buy your PC components piece by piece and self-install them all.