Bose Media System

Take the most sophisticated in-car entertainment system you’ve ever seen and throw it out the window. Bose, well known for their popular home audio gear and car speakers, is getting into vehicle head units with the introduction of the Bose Media System.

The Bose Media System, which is debuting in the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, is essentially an in-dash auto entertainment system on steroids. This monster, teamed with a customized 5.1 channel surround sound Bose audio system, sports a generous display, a variety of buttons and two knobs. These knobs are at the heart of operating this system and have what Bose says is an intuitive operating design whereby, for example, one rotates the outer portion of a knob to select a genre or disc and the inner portion to pick a station or song.

Bose Media System
Image Courtesy of Bose

As for specific entertainment options the Bose Media System is fully loaded and then some. There’s a multi-format disc player which can playback CDs, DVDs, SACDs and various audio file types copied onto recordable CDs and DVDs. There’s your standard AM/FM radio which is augmented by XM satellite radio. There’s iPod connectivity with access via the system display. There’s USB 2.0 input for other portable media devices. And, to top all of this off, there’s also hard drive which can have up to 200 hours of music stored onto it.

Bose has added a ton of other features into this in-dash entertainment system. These include GPS navigation, Bluetooth device pairing, a genre organizer for cataloging your FM and XM channels by matching categories, a proximity sensor for changing the information on the display as your hand moves to select a knob, an intelligent music playback system which can studies your music choices and creates a playlist on the go when desired and dual radio antennas for reducing unwanted radio noise.

More information on the Bose Media System can be found at the Bose Web site.