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Cerevo’s XON Snow-1 smart bindings let you pop the proper nollie with metrics

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is, understandably, all about tech. But behind the melange of luxurious televisions and fitness-obsessed wearables lies a barrage of smart technology specifically designed for the outdoor adventurer who’d rather gaze intently at the powdered slopes of the nearest mountain than a high-resolution display. Case in point: Cerevo’s XON Snow-1 smart bindings.

The Japanese company’s most recent foray into snowboarding adds a lot more than just a smattering of LEDs. Each Snow-1 binding boasts four on-board load sensors at the bottom of each foot, as well as two flex sensors that rest on the head and tail of your board. Together, the two sensors work to track your every movement and shift of weight distribution, which is then synced with an accompanying app via Bluetooth, so you view metrics relating to your precise speed, acceleration, and GPS location.

The rechargeable bindings last six to eight hours on a single charge, meaning you can capture the metrics of an entire day without having to take a breather. Four LED strobes line the toe and heal of each binding, as well, each of which illuminates as you shift your weight to and fro on the board. When you’re done for the day, you can even view a video overlay that visually summarizes your ride. The Snow-1 smart bindings may not necessarily make you a better snowboarder, per se, but they will let you see where you went wrong when it comes to mastering a proper switch nollie.

The XON Snow-1 is slated for release in a variety of sizes in the fall, priced somewhere between $400 and $600.

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