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Stay frosty, my friends: Kickstarter beer glass will cool your drink down

Igloo Glass - World's Coolest Beer Glass
OK, we get it — if the warmth of your pint glass is your biggest problem, things probably aren’t too bad. But that doesn’t change the fact that an overly warm beer ruins what would otherwise be a pleasurable drinking experience.

Solving that problem is the Igloo Glass, a new Kickstarter beer glass which, its creators claim to Digital Trends, promises to “replace ice.”

It is composed of a smart blend of materials, developed by a scientist who previously worked with NASA and the European Space Agency; it is designed to keep your glass at a comfortably cool drinking temperature for the length of time it takes to finish a pint.

“At the bottom of each glass is a golden Igloo Dome, which has a thermodynamic blend of materials that almost appears to defy the laws of physics,” creator Tomás McCabe told Digital Trends. “It actually draws heat from the liquid. You can pour in your drink and it will bring down its temperature and maintain it at an enjoyable tasting temperature for the duration of the drinking experience.”

Users will, McCabe noted, first have to put the glass in the freezer for up to half an hour — but once they have, it will retain its chilly temperature for considerably longer than a regular glass cooled in this way. “It’s a better solution than ice because ice ends up diluting your drink,” he said. “We truly believe that this is the best beer glass in the world.”

Of course, the temperature is not the only consideration when choosing a beer glass. Igloo Glass also promises to be a high-end beer glass, created in collaboration with leading Irish crystal designers. In addition to a sleek curved design, which gives users an improved grip, it is also designed in such a way that the rim — usually the most fragile point in a glass — is surprisingly resilient.

“We’ve spent thousands of hours polishing the design and testing the glass to make sure that it’s the right weight and has a premium finish — right down to the way the light refracts through it — that is as good as it could possibly be,” McCabe said.

You can pre-order an Igloo Glass at the Kickstarter link at the top of this page. A pair of glasses will set you back $32, with shipping planned for June.

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