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Damen support vessel yacht New Frontiers leaves deck open — bring all your toys

Launch of NEW FRONTIERS - DAMEN Yacht Support
There’s one thing you can generally count on with superyachts: They usually have room for a literal “boatload” of passengers and crew. But you won’t find loads of guest quarters on the recently launched Damen support vessel yacht New Frontiers, according to Boat International.

Damen is a Dutch-based international shipbuilder. The company’s yacht division is one of many including seagoing transport vessels, inland shipping, public transport, defense and security, and much more. Damen ships include full displacement and multihull designs, often with the operation and crew superstructure toward the bow, leaving the rest of the boat for passenger or material transport.

New Frontiers is only the 11th Damen support vessel yacht. The ship’s concept is to act as a base of activity that could very likely take place in other locations, rather than just staying on the yacht. The vessel’s name aptly reflects its versatility and potential.

Damen commercial director Rose Damen said, “You can’t put this vessel into one category or another — and that reflects exactly the wishes of our clients.”

“They want their holiday to be about freedom and spontaneity — whether it’s a weekend dive adventure trip away from their superyacht or enjoying two locations at once linked by helicopter,” Damen continued, “it’s all about unforgettable experiences.”

New Frontiers was put on the water July 10 and is scheduled to be finished in September in time for its public debut at the Monaco Yacht Show on September 27-30.

New Frontiers is 55.3 meters (181 feet) long. It’s a full-displacement yacht with a 9.25-meter (30-foot) beam. Top speed is 20 knots and the cruising range is 5,000 nautical miles at 16 knots. Three cabins, one of which is a main deck master suite, can accommodate six guests. That’s a small guest list compared to most yachts in this size range. Maximum crew capacity is 20.

New Frontiers’ open spaces are its defining characteristics. In addition to a 538-square foot sundeck aft of the yacht’s wheelhouse, the wide open 2,045-square-foot aft deck is the owner’s play or work space. The deck can handle a 3,700-kilogram (8,157-pound) maximum take off weight (MTOW) helicopter, which means it could handle a fully loaded Airbus H145 helicopter, an aircraft used in rescue, law enforcement, and offshore missions.

There’s plenty of space on the deck for an array of superyacht-scale water toys. If needed, the deck crane can lift or launch up to 12 metric tons (26,456 pounds), which is more than enough capacity for a personal submarine. For example, the Triton 3300/6 six-passenger exploration submarine good for more than 10 hours underwater at depths up to 1,000 meters is well-within the deck crane’s capacity.

New Frontier’s deck isn’t restricted to such serious air and sea toys. You could set up a couple of basketball hoops, or street hockey or soccer nets and have reasonable space for games. You would do well to put bumpers around the perimeter to keep the players aboard and be sure you have plenty of extra balls or pucks.

The Damen support vessel yacht New Frontier’s most impressive feature is that, while you may not be interested in any of the above uses, you could employ the spacious deck for many purposes, switching around at your pleasure.

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