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Oh snap, Diet Coke’s newest vending machine became anorexic

Slender Vender Diet Coke

If the word “diet” in Diet Coke doesn’t hit you over the head with how Diet Coke is supposedly good for your figure, the company has now paired up with ad agency Oglivy & Mather to create a new vending machine that’s skinnier than, well, you.

The ad campaign features the “Slender Vender” machine that was placed all around Paris to distribute sleek aluminum bottled version of the drink. It makes you look at the regular stuff in your fridge and think, “Ew, who wants to touch and drink out of those flabby fat cans? Get with the slim bottles!”

Slender Vender Diet Coke machineTouting itself as the world’s thinnest vending machine, the Slender Vender appears to be approximately one foot thick and can fit into most public spaces: Behind a photo booth, in an aisle of a bookstore, between mall escalators and airport benches, and more. Look carefully, or you may just miss it.

Although the new design boasts added practicality for extra placement locations, the thinness of the machine would also likely amount to less bottles stored. On the bright side, perhaps this will start adding jobs for Coke’s stock refill man. It’s not big enough to house webcams or Intel processors like its predecessor, but we’ll happily take one machine and stuff it into our New York-sized apartment… but only if Coca-Cola promises to make a Coke Zero edition.

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