Video shows that drones are excellent at pulling out wobbly teeth

How do you whip out a tooth both quickly, and painlessly? The old cliche of tying it with a piece of string to a door handle, then slamming the door closed is one way, but instead of a door and its handle, why not use a drone? That’s what happens in this video, which in addition to showing an effective tooth extraction by flying machine, also features a man who is perhaps a little too proud of his creative use of technology.

Drone-fan dad seems to have enlisted his entire family to help with the dental procedure, and even made sure there’s some close-up, slow-motion footage to add on after the stunt. The determination in his voice when he states, “We’re pulling out a tooth today. With a drone,” borders on the concerning.

The drone, a DJI Phantom, has a long line of dental floss attached to it — effectively turning it into a modern version of the door handle — and the other end is tied to his daughter’s very wobbly front tooth. If you haven’t watched the video yet, don’t worry, the tooth is absolutely ready to be free. He’s not some sadist yanking teeth that really don’t want to be pulled out of people’s heads.

“It’s ready, it’s ready!” exclaims dentist-dad, in a way that suggests this shoot is the culmination of weeks of obsessive planning, as his daughter pushes the tooth back and forward in her mouth. Watch the video to see exactly what happens, but rest assured, he’s not trying to remake that pivotal scene in Marathon Man. Pay particular attention to his reaction. It’s hard not to, actually.

The video has a happy ending, because the tooth is liberated without any screams, and is quickly found, ready to be hidden under the owner’s pillow later on. The dad? We imagine he was flying higher than his drone for some time after the making of this video.