Gyroscopic vehicle concept rolls for urban commuters

Every once in awhile we come across interesting concepts for vehicles and transportation devices that strike our fancy and getting us thinking about how they’d translate from mere concepts to the consumer market. Now, there have been gyroscopic vehicle concepts out in the wild and you’ve probably seen vehicles that look similar to this one. Still, there’s something about this domed tw0-wheeled we can’t take our eyes off of. 

The vehicle comes from the mind of product design student Sanu K R who is from the west Indian city of Ernakulam. 

Sanu doesn’t offer too much detail about his design, but we can assume a few things about it. The vehicle encases one driver inside the glass bubble and is propelled by two wheels on either side of the cockpit. The wheels are parrallel and tilted somewhat, meaning that the vehicle needs to be self-balancing. We imagine that a fluid or gyroscope sensor is used for balance, similarly to how a Segway works. 

There is no steering wheel but the auto is controlled by a small joystick which you can see on the right armrest — we’ve seen comparisons to electric wheelchair controls. The chrome lever on the left side of the seat appears to be a brake lever. 

As for powering the device, you can see space behind the seat where a small motor could go. For the eco-conscious this would make a nice small-sized, urban electric vehicle.