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The Max Pump is a tiny but powerful air pump for all your inflatables

The time for outdoor adventures is nigh, and with it has come the promise of beach vacations, camping trips, and travels galore. And whether you’re planning on tubing down a river, sleeping on an air mattress outside, or looking to vacuum-pack your clothes for that long trip abroad, you’re probably going to need a pump. Often overlooked, but oh so important, finding one of these handy gadgets can be something of a pain. But no longer with the Max Pump, heralded as the “best outdoor tool” this summer.

This tiny air pump may not look like much, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in power. You can use it to blow up a boat or suck the air out of a bag, all with a tiny device that fits in the palm of your hand. Weighing in at just 145 grams, it may be difficult to believe that anything so small can do much at all, but the technology behind the pump allows it to do some pretty impressive things.

If you’re still wasting time trying to inflate things with naught but your breath, or carting around huge pumps that are dependent upon an outlet, this may be the solution your adventures have been lacking. Simply screw the Max Pump’s nozzle onto whatever you’re trying to blow up (or compress), and let the Max Pump do the rest. Its battery lasts for 90 minutes of action at a time, and doesn’t require any hand operation or electrical additions. And currently, the Max Pump is available for pre-order on its Indiegogo page for only $19 (the retail price is currently set at $29).

The pump has already raised over $16,400 from nearly 500 backers, blowing past its initial funding goal of $5,000. So if inflatables are any part of your plans this summer, you may want to consider this small but mighty pump.

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