Mobileye Technology Buzzes and Beeps at Oblivious Drivers


The engineers at Mobileye claim they have the solution to automobile accidents caused by texting teens and sleepy drivers. The Netherlands-based company says its Advanced Warning System product line has efficient technology that will alert any distracted driver. Mobileye’s product line offers systems that combine forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and headway monitoring– such as the C2-170 and the AWS-4000– for accident avoidance and driver behavior documentation.

Mobileye’s C2-170 has audio and visual alerts by a color-coded LED display and buzzer. Similarly Mobileye’s AWS-4000 offers audio and visual alerts with a color-coded display, but also has numerical alerts and dedicated speakers. When the driver is drifting into another lane or approaching an oncoming vehicle too quickly, these devices will signal them with audio and visual warnings.

Mobileye technologies can be purchased as original equipment for manufacturers like BMW, General Motors and Volvo.  Its systems are also available as aftermarket equipment for purchase and installation on any vehicle, from passenger cars to light- and heavy-duty trucks.

Check out Mobileye’s commercial: