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Motz Wooden Speaker is tiny enough to throw in your bag or back pocket

One of the only problems that continues to plague iPhones, iPods and other portable music players is that when it comes to sharing your music with others around you, you’re stuck with either the device’s crummy speakers or a relatively large portable dock. At less than two and a half inches long, this tiny wooden speaker joins the category of smallest portable ways to make the most of your music. The Motz Wooden Speaker ($60) is made of apricot wood and includes a built-in FM radio, plus USB and SD card inputs for playing MP3s. Plug in your iPod with its USB cord and you’ve got a tiny portable speaker for showing off your superb music taste to all your friends. While we assume its function as a portable speaker is the most desirable quality, the handmade Motz Wooden Speaker also includes a standard headphone jack, should you want to listen alone from your SD card or… the radio. Do people do that anymore? A rechargeable lithium-polymer battery means you can get about five hours battery life from the speaker, or ten using earphones.

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