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Nike Mag: Pictures of the Back to the Future shoe

Nike is releasing the Nike Mag, or better known as the Back to the Future shoe and we’ve got some pictures and video to prove it. The Mag started going on sale on September 8th at 8 pm PST on eBay’s Fashion Vault. Nike will only be selling 150 shoes a day for 10 days, making for a total of 1,500 pairs of shoes.

The shoes are supposed to function as they did in the movie, i.e. the shoes tie themselves. Unfortunately, the video we have from Nike does not show the shoes tying. Still, they were designed to be a match aesthetically to the shoe from the movie. 

For those interested, the shoe is called the 2011 Nike Mag. We hope that means that a 2012 Air Mag will come out, and other such brands continuations.  

Check out the video below:

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