Eat your heart out, Binky: The Pacif-i smart pacifier lets you monitor your toddler’s temp

Understandably, newly minted parents worry about everything. It’s in our DNA as human beings, part of our innate parental instincts that prompt us to protect and care for the ones we love — for the most part, anyway. Tapping into said worry, the U.K.-based Blue Maestro has taken baby monitoring beyond a simple radio, cradle, and car seat with the Pacif-i.

In essence, the Bluetooth-enabled device is the world’s first smart pacifier. It monitors your baby’s health, conveniently keeping track of your toddler’s temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit via a basic sensor baked directly into the device’s silicon teat. The accompanying mobile app for Android and iOS devices then determines when the temperature is most accurate and plots the temp on a graph with a corresponding timestamp. The minimalist app also lets you record when you last you gave your child medicine, along with the dosage amount, and lets you share the data with medical professionals when need be.

Pacifi Smart Pacifier 2

(Digital Trends | Brandon Widder)

Other bells and whistles are pretty limited. It can’t track your baby’s calories or steps like nearly every other wearable on the market, but it is embedded with a proximately sensor that will notify you when your child wanders outside of a specified range of up to 20 meters. It additionally features a built-in buzzer you can activate with your smartphone when you or your child misplaces the device, as well as location-based tracking for pinpointing its exact location on a map.

Blue Maestro is still awaiting its European Medical Device Class IIa license, but the company plans to release the $40 device across Europe upon final approval. It also hopes to take the Pacif-i stateside, though there’s no word on the official launch date other than “early 2015.”

Let’s just say we avoided a hands-on for obvious reasons.