Presso makes pulling a shot of espresso easier, greener

presso makes pulling a shot of espresso easier greener

This little espresso-making device is taking the machine out of coffee brewing, and going back to simpler ways with an elegant and convenient design. In an increasing movement to make food and drink less complicated, the Presso ($150) fits right in with its electricity-free design and speedy delivery, a must for every morning coffee drinker. It takes only two steps to create the perfect shot of espresso, and this dainty little thing will take up a lot less room on your counter than your monster machine coffee-maker. Tighten the grind-filled filter into the bottom of the device, add boiling water, and press down on the levers (as shown above) to create your single or double shot.

presso makes pulling a shot of espresso easier greener 34

Intuitively, the strength of your shot depends on the pressure you apply to the levers. The firmer you press, the stronger your coffee. Ahhh, simplicity. Not to mention that the Presso won’t wake anyone up in the morning with those obnoxious hissing and grinding noises. The Presso also comes with a milk frother and a small adapter to make shots for two cups at once.