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Watch this ridiculously fast drone zip into the stratosphere in half a second

minicp120 x2208 2000kv 6x4.5 hqprop kiss esc 18a nanowii 4s1800 40c
Consumer-oriented drones are getting more advanced with each passing month, but for all their crazy capabilities, they still can’t hold a candle to some of the custom setups that multirotor hobbyists are putting together out in the wild. Case in point: this insanely fast quadcopter rig designed by the good folks at Quadmovr.

The video starts off somewhat innocuously, with the drone slowly hovering away from the pilot at speeds you’re probably used to seeing. But then things get crazy. Suddenly the guy punches the accelerator and takes the drone up to full throttle, seemingly sending it into the stratosphere in just a second or two.

150430-0004It’s impossible to tell how high it goes or how fast it’s actually accelerating based on the video footage alone, but even without any data or points of reference, it’s obvious that this quad is faster than most. Just listen to that sound it makes when the pilot mashes on the accelerator. The props are moving so fast that they don’t even make the usual “buzz” noise that other drones do. It’s more of a high pitched “Woooo!” that  makes it sound sort of like a UFO as it whizzes by the camera.

Also, the dude flying the drone has some next-level piloting skills. This is a pretty agile little quadcopter to begin with, but this guy pushes it to the limit, busting out all sorts of flips, barrel rolls, cartwheels, stalls, and a bunch of other tricks for your viewing pleasure.

Exact details on the drone’s construction aren’t available (yet), but Quadmovr divulges the main components of the build in the video’s title. With a few hundred bucks in parts and a little bit of tinkering, you could totally build one of these badboys yourself.

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