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As we learned firsthand, ‘graceful’ and ‘Rocket Skates’ do not go together

I’ve been dead-set on taking Acton’s RocketSkates for a test drive ever since I laid eyes on them. And at this year’s CES I finally got my chance.

Unfortunately, they weren’t as easy to ride as I had anticipated. Maybe it’s because I never had a pair of Heelys, maybe it’s because I’m more accustomed to boards than skates, but despite my best efforts, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. (To be fair, I only spent about five minutes trying.)

I wasn’t alone. I passed by the Acton booth a half dozen times while wandering around the show floor at CES, and just about every person who had RocketSkates strapped on their feet looked like a newborn giraffe. There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve.

That said, there were a couple people that figured it out within a minute or two, so it’s certainly not impossible. They take some getting used to, but just like Heelys, it seems that even the most uncoordinated person can figure it out with a few hours of practice.

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