With every puff of vapor, Smokio counts the cigarettes you’re not smoking

While the Food and Drug Administration is still studying the effects of e-cigarettes on the human body, a French company has just released a new type of smart e-cigarette in the United States that connects to your smartphone. Linking over Bluetooth, the Smokio e-cigarette includes a tiny microchip that transmits data that includes total vaping consumption, the time of day that you are vaping and your GPS location each time you take a puff of the e-cigarette. If you are unfamiliar with the term vaping, that refers to the act of breathing in the nicotine-infused e-cigarette liquid in the form of a vapor that resembles the appearance, but not the smell, of cigarette smoke.

As this data is collected over time, users have the ability to view stats over the last 30 days as well as the equivalent number of real cigarettes would have to be consumed in order to match the nicotine consumption of vaping. In addition, the Smokio app keeps track of the number of days that have passed since last smoking a real cigarette and the amount of money that’s been saved by using a e-cigarette device instead of purchasing endless packs of cigarettes.

One interesting feature within the app is a projection of increased life expectancy after quitting smoking as well as data related to oxygenation of the blood, lung capacity, the return of your taste buds and how your heart is bouncing back from quitting real cigarettes. Of course, the accuracy of such a prediction is likely based on average benefits to quitting smoking rather than data that’s incredibly specific to you.

According to the Smokio site, the base unit of the device is priced at $80 and includes a 650mah rechargeable battery. However, there’s an option with a more powerful 900mah rechargeable battery for longer periods between recharging as well as versions of the device that include an additional tank for the e-cigarette liquid, a USB charger and a replacement coil.  

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