Soundwave MP3 Player Defies Drops, Water

Soundwave MP3 Player Defies Drops, Water

If the clutz in you can’t resist dunking, dropping and otherwise abusing every gadget you get your hands on, Freestyle’s new Soundwave rugged MP3 player might be worth its weight in… well, all the other MP3 players you would have broken. Although it’s not the first waterproof MP3 player we’ve seen from Freestyle, it’s the first to combine aquatic abilities with a shockproof design – and according to Freestyle, the world’s only.

The 2GB flash player includes a protected OLED screen at the wide end of its tear-drop-shaped body, surrounded by a rubberized black-and-blue coating. Although Freestyle specifies that the Soundwave is waterproof to 10 feet, the company gives no specs on what it means by “shockproof,” or mil-spec standards that it meets, like we’ve seen on other rugged devices. It will, however, float, and works with an included set of waterproof earbuds.

Besides playing MP3s, the device plays WMAs (including those with DRM) and FM radio. It also has a built-in equalizer, and a storage device for transferring other files as well. The player comes with the aforementioned waterproof earbuds plus an arm strap, USB cable, and user guide.

The player is available immediately and sells for $90 in the basic black-and-blue color scheme, or $100 for a camouflage version.

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